Parking Signs

Parking signs at Toronto Signs are custom made from heavy grade outdoor aluminium and can be simply text or can have your logo applied on signage for a ‘unique to you’ look. Common sizes are 12″ x 18″ and 18″ x 24″ but custom sizes can be made to suit. Reflective options available and can be installed to walls or with a steel post into the ground. They instruct people where they may or may not park their cars. These signs can include details such as the specific individuals who may use a given space, such as people with disabilities or a company manager.  The wide variety of scenarios and requirements results in the necessity for different kinds of messages and safety precautions to keep people informed and safe. No matter what is your situation, we can produce parking signs custom made to your requirements, whether it’s: No Parking without the permit, Authorised Parking, Disabled, English or French, with a wide range of size and material options.

Our production team has many years of experience in all aspects of signage design and manufacture. We maintain the highest standards of quality no matter how large or small a project may be. Starting a custom parking signs project can be easy and without being not sure where to begin ,if you contact  us with all your needs at phone number: 416-465-0447 or email :