Parking Signs

Parking signs at Toronto Signs are custom produced from heavy-gauge outdoor aluminum and may be either plain text or can have your logo put to them for a more ‘special to you’ feel and appearance. The most common sizes are 12′′ x 18′′ and 18′′ x 24′′, however bespoke sizes can be created to meet your needs. There are a variety of reflective choices available, which can be mounted to walls or driven into the ground with a steel post. They give directions to motorists on where they may or may not park their vehicles. The specific individuals who may use a given location, such as people with disabilities or a company manager, can be listed on these signs, among other things. In order to keep people informed and safe, several types of communications and safety precautions must be implemented in order to accommodate the large range of scenarios and requirements. No matter what your circumstance is, we can create parking signs that are specifically tailored to your needs, whether it’s: No Parking without a Permit, Authorized Parking, Disabled, English or French, with a variety of size and material possibilities.

Our production staff has many years of combined experience in all parts of signage design and manufacturing, including installation and maintenance. No matter how large or little a project is, we adhere to the highest levels of quality control and expertise.

Starting a custom parking signs project can be easy and without being not sure where to begin ,if you contact  us with all your needs at phone number: 416-465-0447 or email :