Sign Boxes

Sign boxes at Toronto Signs are made to order and are customised to your specifications. There are many different types of sign boxes available, including full colour graphics, vinyl cut graphics, and the ability to block out specific portions if necessary. The box and frame are composed of metal, and the LEDs are housed inside. They may be painted to fit any colour scheme. It is possible to utilize Toronto Signs light boxes to create eye-catching displays that are both brilliant and colourful. They are ideal for displaying promotions, information, and branded messaging at retail stores, shopping malls, museums, airports, and hospitals, among other places. 

Because our sign boxes are reasonably priced, you can use them to show high-quality images without breaking the bank. Not only are LED sign boxes less expensive to operate, but they also last longer, with a 5–7-year guarantee on their life expectancy. LED lighting fixtures are significantly smaller in size than conventional fluorescent and neon tube fixtures. That is, because the overall size of the lighted letters can be considerably smaller than when using old-fashioned fluorescent and neon lights inside, using LEDs takes up less space than prior lighting systems and allows for more custom design alternatives. Our personalized LED signage is long-lasting and makes an excellent addition to any point-of-purchase display setup.

Our production staff has many years of combined experience in all parts of signage design and manufacturing, including installation and maintenance. No matter how large or small a project is, we adhere to the highest levels of quality management and expertise. We are confident that we will be able to assist you, regardless of your custom signage requirements or if you are unclear where to begin. Please contact us at the following phone number: Contact us by phone at 416-465-0447 or by email at