Window Frosting

Window frosting at Toronto Signs is a very popular form of custom window signage covering if you don’t want to block out all light. It can be used for privacy purposes or simply for an elegant look. Window frosting can range from stock letters and die-cut decals to custom computer-cut lettering, logos. Composition of this vinyl is a polyvinyl chloride film backed with an adhesive that creates a strong bond to a surface when pressure is applied. Window frosting film is a self-adhesive vinyl which once applied, gives the appearance of frosted or etch glass to windows, doors and mirrors. If you’re a business looking to distinguish yourself and present a certain image to your customers, one way you can accomplish this is by literally looking different than they do. Traditionally, glass would be painstakingly etched or sandblasted for decorative affect which could be very costly, take a long time and have a detrimental effect upon the surface itself. With recent advances in the glass etching industry, Toronto signs offers a service which combines traditional skills with modern day  frosted vinyl, giving clients perfect look for their business.

We maintain the highest standards of quality no matter how large or small a project may be. Regardless of your window frosting requirements or being unsure where to begin, we are certain we will be able to assist at phone number: 416-465-0447 or email :