Window Frosting

The use of window frosting at Toronto Signs is a very popular custom window signs covering option if you don’t want to completely block out the light. It can be utilised for a variety of reasons, including privacy or simply to create an exquisite appearance. Window frosting can include anything from standard fonts and die-cut decals to custom computer-cut text and logos on a variety of surfaces. This vinyl’s composition is a polyvinyl chloride sheet that is backed with an adhesive that, when pressure is applied, forms a strong bond to the surface. Window frosting film is a self-adhesive vinyl that, when applied to windows, doors, and mirrors, creates the illusion of frosted or etched glass, depending on the application. For a company trying to identify itself and project a specific image to its clients, one method to do so is to physically appear distinct from others. Traditionally, to achieve a decorative look, glass would be carefully etched or sandblasted, which may be very expensive, take a long time, and have a negative impact on the surface itself. As a result of recent advancements in the glass etching industry, Toronto Signs is now offering a service that blends traditional talents with modern-day frosted vinyl to provide clients with the perfect look for their brand.

No matter how large or little a project is, we adhere to the highest levels of quality control and expertise.

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